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SIDE Project- 3rd TPM-Dissemination

The SIDE project brings together a partnership consisting of six different partners from diverse EU countries, which works together to enhance the digital skills of young people, with a particular focus on young artists, and empowesr them through "Digital Culture Course", "Methodology Toolkit on Digitalisation of CCS" and "e-Assessment of digital skills in CCS".

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Following the Third Transnational Partner Meeting which was held on the 21st and 22nd of June in Sremski karlovci Serbia, the Consortium of the Erasmus+ Project SIDE is working on the next steps of the Project.  


Follow us to see the finalization of the “Cultural Panels Methodology”

Available by now are the Side Digital Online course https://sideeurope.eu/lpcourses/ and the “Hackathon Methodology”.


Check out the latest updates on our website!



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Game On - GO Project

On 20th-21st of October 2022, we met all the organizations of the Game On - GO project consortium in Valencia, Spain, I’m the context of the 4th TPM, to plan and review the remaining tasks for the project delivery. Also, we were planning the next steps to increase our impact both on social networks and with other companies that can use the games we have generated.

The 3rd TMP of Game On project was held on 29th-30th of July in London, UK, where the parners discussed The Path of Dreams game ans gave feeback for improvement.
Representatives in London where from:
– My Career Revolution
– Edu Compass
– Fifty Fifty
– Backslash

The 5th TPM of Game On Project was held in Thessaloniki, Greece in order to finalise The Path of Dreams, being able to express our dreams and try to create our path to reach them.


The final TPM of Game One Project is successfully delivered in Warsaw, Poland on 26th of January 2022. bey excited for developing a project that helps young people develop career competencies that are aligned with current business needs via board games.

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